Baker Energy Solutions, LLC

Baker Energy Solutions, LLC goals are to provide our customers with a safe, successful and efficient operation. Maintaining responsible, professional, honest relationships with our customers,  clear communication and keeping costs under control are our objectives.

Baker Energy Solutions’s updated and expanded fleet gives our  customers multiple options for a variety of transportation applications. We have highly experienced, well-trained personnel, a human resources and safety department and a complete mechanical and maintenance backup team. The Baker Energy Solutions fleet is the standard, for state of the industry performance.

Baker Energy Solutions is prepared for every situation. There is a difference working with a company that is committed to their customers.  We will work hard to make your project an engineering and economic success.

Relationships • Integrity • Service — Baker Energy Solutions, LLC


Baker Energy, LLC
11500 South Meridian Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73173

Office: 405-691-1202

Fax: 405-691-2377