Baker Energy Solutions, LLC’s Rig Fleet consists of 3 high-performance well maintained drilling units, ranging in horsepower from 750 to 1,700 hp. Our fleet is configured for safe reliable drilling operations in both vertical and horizontal wells up to 19,000 ft.

At Baker Energy Solutions, LLC, we are continually reinvesting in our equipment and training programs to ensure maximum drilling performance and well-site safety. From our daily equipment inspections and continual performance evaluations to recurring safety training and crew evaluations, our equipment is in top condition and our crews are focused on delivering maximum drilling performance in a safe hazard-free work environment.

We welcome you to review our rig specifications and to contact us to discuss how Baker Energy Solutions, LLC’s fleet can help you with your drilling requirements.

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Rig 2 / Depth rating: 15,000 ft.
Superior 700 PSD Drawworks
760 BBL Mud System
Dreco 131ft./ 358K Mast
Emsco FC-1300 Pumps

Rig 3 / Depth rating: 15,000 ft.
Superior 700M Drawworks
710 BBL Mud System
Upright Int. 142 ft./ 650k Mast
Emsco FC-1000 Pumps

Rig 5 / Depth rating: 19,000 ft.
Oilwell 860 Drawworks
1500 BBL Mud System
Dreco 142ft./750K Mast
Skytop B-1300T Pumps


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